Hanka Munay

Dipl. Sound therapy, Dipl. Social Educator

Sound therapy,
Energy healing

I grew up with music, rhythm, and the melody of a word. I was privileged to be born into a musical family and to get to know music as a medium that can release emotions and also connect individuals with the whole. And not just that, all I had to do was to come out, and the music was permeating from all sides. Whether it was chirping swallows or hammering, rustling leaves, or bubbling of a stream. From the sound and its dynamics, I perceived and distinguished what was going on around me without needing my eyes. And these sounds, or music, directly affected my mind and evoked different feelings. Today I know that the essence of all Existence is based on energy vibrations and frequencies that we humans perceive as sounds or music. Music and tones in their infinite diversity can heal.

I practice sound healing with the help of Tibetan singing bowls. It is a therapeutic method, based on subtle, deep vibrations, installing in the human organism harmony and strength. It supports the activation of self-healing processes and detoxification of the body. It dismantles psychological stress and relieves mental and physical muscle tensions. The body is revived by a stream of pure energy, the mind finds peace and clarity, the soul experiences openness and peace.

If needed, I connect sound therapy with energy treatment in the form of removal of karmic loads and channeling of pure, light energy.

Light enables life in lightness, harmony, unity.


A session …… 90min/1.100 CZK

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